the golden age

When one of our always-young-at-heart friends turned 40, we celebrated with an evening out for dinner, a joke gift of a very posh yet tongue-in-cheek cane from fashionablecanes.com and of course — a card made by me to go along with the gift. Thus, a gentleman's top-hat and our friend's initials (and credentials) with a retro vibe became the look and feel of the card. I whipped this up and really like how it turned out; feels sophisticated, yet playful and alludes nicely to the gift, occasion and the recipient.

Front of card.
Back of card.
Card back detail. Reads: May you always walk with happiness, style &
a little extra something in your step. Enjoy your not-so-little extra something!


enchanted forest

Joslyne B. Custom Designs invitation
It has been far too long since my last post, so now it is time to play catch-up. I'll start off with a fete fit for a fairy princess (a three year-old one at that) who wanted her birthday celebration to include her favorite things: pink, fairies, butterflies, and little woodland creatures. A shimmery pink and white invitation was sent out — inviting guests to an enchanted forest — featuring a flying fairy, some polka-dotted mushrooms and ethereal butterflies. The spirit of the theme was captured in all the little details of the party, from the food to the decorations, right down to the guest of honor.

birthday fairy
tables decorated with miniature trees i created
detail: shimmering bird perched in its moss nest
detail: woodland creatures frolic at the base of the tiny trees

another table
Guests were served treats that included 'forest twigs' (thin pretzel sticks), marshmallow mushrooms, pink pixie punch (lemonade with a little food coloring), and of course, chocolate cupcakes with pink strawberry frosting topped with a butterfly/flower stick.
marshmallow mushrooms

more marshmallows, dipped in chocolate
cupcake front
cupcake back
Miniscule pink giftboxes were scattered about the garden for the kids to find. Inside of each box were 'fairy berries' (Jelly Belly Raspberries and Blackberries) sealed shut with little owl stickers.

There were fairy wands to take home, a treat bag adorned with a custom sticker featuring the guest of honor as an enchanted woodland fairy, and picnic blankets in the shade to enjoy the wonderful puppet show put on by Puppets Pizzazz.
Joslyne B. Custom Designs favor bag sticker
Everything came out just right, and our little fairy princess definitely had an unforgettable day.


the midas touch

This invitation was created for a casual post-wedding brunch. Inspired by slightly moroccan/moorish designs, and a soft yet sophisticated palette with a modern edge, these invites are among my favorites. On her wedding day, the bride wore gold shoes; a little detail that I decided to carry through with hand-applied gold leaf dots on the front and backs of the invitation, in addition to the return-address labels... just a touch of luminous surprise.
the envelope liner features the newlywed's initials as well as a reverse of the color palette
the back of the invitation has one small quadrefoil in the center with the couple's initials.
some of the dots around the edge are the hand-applied gold leaf.

the ensemble.


my superhero

My youngest son's birthday is in July so many of his classmates cannot usually attend. This year was the last year they would all be together in preschool, so we decided to take advantage of a random half day to have his school buddies over BEFORE the school year ended for festivities at the end of the shortened day.
My rambuctious almost-five year old is obsessed with superheroes so that was the theme. We had a super-hero castle moonbounce, pizza, popsicles, ice cream, cake, a spiderman piƱata, a superhero tatoo station, pin the cape on the superhero, and I also provided real capes and arm bands for each little guest. I bought bathing-suit fabric in primary colors and gold (doesn't fray when you cut it, so no sewing required) and cut the capes for each child. With a little fabric paint and some stencils, I managed to write their names on the back of their capes. Again, I spent more time having fun at the celebration than taking pictures, so here are a few pics of the invite and my two littlest ones modeling their capes.


party details

vanilla cupcakes and frosting made pink with beet juice!
 A few posts ago I showed the invite for my daughter's second bday family party. Below are some pics of little handmade details that were part of the celebration itself. Unfortunately, I did not manage to take pictures during the party and missed out on showing everything I would have liked. Next time!
chocolate cupcakes baked in cute cups from shopsweetlulu.com
three dimensional glittering cupcake topper detail front
a detail from the invite that inspired the cupcake toppers

cupcake topper detail back

be blushing

I recently updated a logo and banner that I created for a fellow blogger; beblushing.com — a fabulous beauty blog from a witty, very knowledgeable self-proclaimed 'product-junkie'! Her blog was originally just called 'blushing' and I just redid the logo to match her domain. Be sure to visit her site for the latest tips, trends, tricks and advice... you'll be glad you did!